It seems that there are many women who have an enormous amount of cosmetic products in their homes. This is not a surprise because cosmetics products today are affordable and accessible. In addition, most of these products have high quality which means that they allow users to achieve their goals. If you think that you have too much cosmetics at home or you want to sell cosmetics online, keep reading because this step-by-step guide was made for you. So, if you are interested in selling cosmetics over the Internet, you must take some things into account.

  1. Finding the right place to sell cosmetics online

Most people don’t know where to start. The good news for them is that there are many online platforms and websites where you can sell cosmetics (and other products). For instance, you can create your own website/blog. Another option is to use a classified ads website like Craiglist. You can also use specialized websites like eBay and MUABS.

  1. Listing the cosmetic products

First of all, in case your plan is to list a product on your website, MUABS, or Craiglist, you should know that the procedure is the same for these three solutions. eBay is a little bit different, but there is a detailed guide on their official website that you should read. So, in case you’ve selected MUABS, Craiglist or your own blog for selling cosmetics follow these steps.

For starters, create an account and provide precise information about you. After that, set selling rules like who is taking care of shipping, minimum and maximum purchase, insurance issues etc. Next, you will have to provide names and photos of your cosmetic products. You can provide only written descriptions, but you will lose a lot of potential clients in this way. The final step is to choose the right price. Do some research on the website you are using and on the Internet.


  1. Getting the money

The way you are paid depends on your preferences. The vast majority of people are using PayPal, but you can use direct bank transfer if you want to. Choose a method that will make you and your customers feel safe.

  1. Shipping

Finally, choose a shipping option that has fair rates. Who pays for the shipping is up to you. Just remember to highlight this information on the listing. You definitely don’t want to create confusion over this issue.